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Neston High School

Remote Access

Access a remote virtual desktop which gives access resources and school software just like it would in school. Remote Access can only be used via a modern web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox)

Please use the link below and sign in with your standard Microsoft 365/Email login details.

Staff members will need to authenticate themselves using MFA (see guide below)


Instructions for access using MFA

These instructions assume you have setup your MFA method via the Microsoft Authenticator App. If you have opted to use a different method (SMS Text code etc) then the process will be different than the below.

If you have preformed MFA for another system (Email etc) on the same machine, you may not be asked to do MFA again for a few days. So steps 2 & 3 may not be needed.

1. Click the link above, or type the address You will then get the below Sign in screen. Check the school logo looks correct, and the building is shown in the background. Enter your school email address, and click [Next]. You will then be asked to enter you password. Type your password, and click [Sign in]

2. Once your password has been accepted, you will be asked to verify your identity. Depending on what MFA methods you have setup, the options will be different. We recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator App. Click [Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app]

3. You will now be prompted to open the Authenticator App on your phone. If you have notifications turned on, you will get popup on your phone. If not, simply open the Authenticator App.

Now confirm you are trying to login by typing in the code displayed on your computer screen into your Authenticator App, and then tap [Yes]

4. You will then be transferred to the secondary portal sign in page. Use the same email address and password used in Step 1. Click [Sign in].

5. You will now be show the available remote desktops. Please click [School_Desktop]

5. You will now be prompted about local access. These options are up to you - completely optional. Tick the options you want, then click [Allow].

6. Your remote desktop will now be loaded. You can use the expand button on the black bar along the top to maximise the screen. Once maximised, you can use the small black pulldown button in the top centre to access the menu.