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The Refectory

We believe that lunchtime is an important part of the day and providing a well-balanced meal that promotes health and wellbeing both inside and outside the classroom. our mission is to provide healthy nutritious meals for everyone.

Our in-house catering team work very hard to maintain a high standard of meals using the best quality ingredients. Striving to ensure that our menus follow the Department for Education’s School Food Plan which focus on actions to improve the health and academic performance of our young people. Meals are produced fresh daily by our highly skilled team, using locally sourced and seasonal produce wherever possible.

Please see our sample menu below.

Our Cashless Catering System

Neston High School operates a fully cashless catering system giving parents the freedom to top up their child’s catering account online at a convenient time for them.  The additional benefit of a cashless system is that students who are entitled to a free school meal have their allowance uploaded automatically each day and their entitlement remains anonymous.

Accounts can be topped up online through our secure online payments portal or with cash at the two revaluation units located in the student entrance and refectory.  More information about how biometrics works is available below, please click 'Further Biometric Catering System Information'

There are four main counters serving a variety of healthy food and drinks from plated hot meals to specialty sandwiches. Students within walking distance of school are allowed to go home if they have written permission from their parents.

Free school meals allowances are uploaded onto the system every morning with the option to top up extra amounts if parents wish to do so. The system is set up for biometric identification at the till point with the option for students to use a smart card if they prefer not to use the biometric element.  It is necessary for parents to sign a consent form before your child is registered on the biometric system. 

Please click below to read about Cashless and Biometric Catering Systems.

Free School Meals

If you think you qualify for free school meals, please telephone the number below and your eligibility  will  be confirmed. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence and with the cashless Dining Hall system in use nobody will know that a child is on free meals.

Packed Lunches

If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch then this should be eaten in the Refectory or one of the designated areas in school for packed lunches. The school does not allow students to bring fizzy or high energy drinks to school and these will be confiscated. Water is always the healthy option. The school has ‘Healthy School’ status and we encourage all students to eat a varied and healthy diet. Fruit is a far healthier option than sweets and research has shown that a high sugar diet can impede a student’s ability to learn effectively. Please try to give your child a healthy variety each day and encourage them to eat fruit rather than sweets.