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Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers start at Neston High School. We are highly committed to providing our students with information, advice and guidance relating to their future decisions and careers. In order to do this we are following the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, the details of which are available in the document below. The document details the ways in which we intend to meet these benchmarks in order to provide the best careers provision for our students at Neston High School. Other information and documents available on this section of the website include:

  • Planning documents for Whole-School and Curriculum CEIAG provision
  • Local labour market information (Working Futures)
  • Information on apprenticeships
  • Our destination data summary report
  • Details of unbiased careers advice given at Neston High by Mploy
  • The school policy for provider access
  • Feedback survey reports from events (students/parents/employers)

Careers education at Neston High School is coordinated by:

Miss E Burgess
t: 0151 336 3902 

 Please contact Miss E Burgess for information and enquires. 


If you are an employer or parent and would like to see our current careers provision in more detail, you may access the Neston Strategy 2021 and careers policy on the tab on the right or below. 

Useful websites


Unifrog is used by KS4 and KS5 students to log every encounter with an employer, workshop, trip and work experience. They analyse these experiences and this allows them to build a picture of their career progression and skill set. They are able to then collate this information to build a CV within the platform: Click HERE to view. 

For a library of videos on a wide range of careers from accountancy to animal care, visit icloud. Click HERE to view.

For current apprenticeship vacancies and information, visit the UK government website. Click HERE to view. 

For information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work please click HERE.

For information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work please click HERE.

UCAS supports young people making post-16 choices, as well as those applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It also allows students to take various careers quizzes to allow them to fine-tune their options.


Links to local colleges and Universities;


Pupils behave well around the large school site. Sixth-form students enjoy their own spacious study and dining areas.

Ofsted Report 2022


There is a strong safeguarding culture across the school.

Ofsted Report 2022


Pupils, and students in the sixth form, are proud to be part of Neston High School.

Ofsted Report 2022