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In year 10, we start to introduce the ideas of apprenticeships which continues all the way through to year 13. We offer workshops at KS5 for those students who are interested in going down this route and support them in searching and applying for apprenticeship opportunities. Here is an overview of what an apprenticeship involves:

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.

As an apprentice you’ll:

  • work alongside experienced staff
  • gain job-specific skills
  • earn a wage and get holiday pay
  • get time for study related to your role (usually one day a week)
  • Apprenticeships take 1 to 5 years to complete depending on their level.
Levels of apprenticeship

Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels.

Name Level Equivalent Educational Level
Intermediate 2 GCSE
Advanced 3 A Level
Higher 4,5,6 and 7 Foundation degree and above
Degree 6 and 7 Bachelor's or master's degree

Some apprenticeships may also give you an additional qualification, such as a diploma.

Who can apply

You can apply for an apprenticeship while you’re still at school. To start one, you’ll need to be:

  • 16 or over by the end of the summer holidays
  • living in England
  • not in full-time education

How to apply

There are 3 steps to applying for an apprenticeship.

  1. Search for an apprenticeship
  2. Sign in or create an account.
  3. Complete and submit your application.

The National Careers Service has advice on writing applications and what to do at interviews.

As a guardian there are many ways you can support your ward to apply for an apprenticeship. For guidance on how to help your ward, please read the information available in the Parent's Pack.

Information from:

Where to search for apprenticeships

There are a wide range of places you can use to search for apprenticeships in including the following websites:



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