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Rewards, Sanctions and Discipline


The school wants students to do their very best, so we reward good effort,  attitude and performance by giving reward points. The school uses a behaviour management system which helps foster an ethos of positive achievement and progress. Points are awarded by teachers and staff, resulting in regular rewards and recognition being given to students who gain the most points through House and Subject celebrations.


At Neston High School we all agree to follow the community code. The Community Code is  based on mutual  care, courtesy and respect for others and for our school. We want all our students to recognise that everything we do or say has an effect on others and that all members of our school community have the right to do their work and be happy at school.

The school’s discipline code is clear, strongly upheld and is based on common sense and fairness. It exists in order that staff and students can foster good working relationships. Students are expected to be punctual, in correct uniform and to have with them the necessary equipment for the day’s work.

Our expectation is that all  students should behave in a manner that is considerate to others and allows everyone to achieve and ensures everyone feels safe at school.

We do not accept bullying, racism, anti-social behavior, homophobia or any form of physical violence in our school. Students who do not follow our Community Code will face consequences ranging from detentions to removal from a particular lesson, or in extreme cases, exclusion from school. Please note that Neston High School has a clear drugs and alcohol policy which states that students bringing illicit  substances into school, or attending school under the influence of drugs or alcohol will face permanent exclusion. Physical violence or bullying is not tolerated and may also result in permanent exclusion.

If your child  falls  below the standard expected by the school, we use the behaviour management system to issue incident points. These indicate that we are concerned about homework, progress, or behaviour. Incident points will result in teacher, department, or school detention, at break, lunchtime  or after school, depending on the seriousness of the incident. Parents/carers are encouraged to log on and track the behaviour record for their child.

  • Mobile phones must be switched off at all times in the school.
  • Smoking is prohibited
  • Chewing gum is banned
  • High caffeine drinks and fizzy drinks with high levels of sugar are not allowed

We were impressed with how positive, approachable and supportive each teacher was, especially at the end of a very long day for them. 

Parent (regarding Parents' Evening)


Pupils behave well around the large school site. Sixth-form students enjoy their own spacious study and dining areas.

Ofsted Report 2022


There is a strong safeguarding culture across the school.

Ofsted Report 2022


Pupils, and students in the sixth form, are proud to be part of Neston High School.

Ofsted Report 2022


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