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Pastoral Care and the House System

Caring for students

The School has a proven and deservedly strong reputation for the pastoral care of students. The House system provides a ‘home base’ for students in Year 7 – 11.

Head's of Year are supported by a Pastoral Learning Mentor, Learning Support Assistants and ten tutors. Wherever possible, we seek to strengthen this support system by ensuring that tutors stay with their groups until they reach the end of Year 11. Each House has its own tutor rooms, so that Pastoral Learning Mentor, Learning Support Assistants and team of tutors get to know their students exceptionally well. The House team will implement the right level of support and challenge for each individual student, monitor academic progress, and ensure that standards of behaviour, attendance and punctuality are high.

Close contact is maintained with parents and carers to celebrate students’ success and provide support where there is concern. The tutor is the first point of contact for a parent who wishes to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress or success at Neston High School.


At Neston High School, we place great emphasis on all aspects of students’ safety. Staff are well-trained in this area and students are fully informed about the systems in place to support them.

Students know that there are adults in the school who they can approach if they are worried or are in difficulty:

  • Tutors
  • Heads of Year
  • Pastoral Learning Mentors
  • Senior Staff
  • Teachers
  • School Nurse
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • A trusted adult in school
  • Peer Mentors

We were impressed with how positive, approachable and supportive each teacher was, especially at the end of a very long day for them. 

Parent (regarding Parents' Evening)


Pupils behave well around the large school site. Sixth-form students enjoy their own spacious study and dining areas.

Ofsted Report 2022


There is a strong safeguarding culture across the school.

Ofsted Report 2022


Pupils, and students in the sixth form, are proud to be part of Neston High School.

Ofsted Report 2022