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Uniform and Appearance

The school fully expects students to take pride in their appearance. Our uniform has been carefully selected so that it is smart, modern and affordable. All students wear blazers and ties in Years 7 to 11. The uniform code applies on journeys to and from school as well as in school. Movement around the school should be quiet and orderly, as should travel to and from school. The Headteacher reserves the right to makes the  final decision on what is or what is not appropriate in terms of school uniform.      

Branded uniform items can be purchased through our approved suppliers

Tobe Uniform (Neston)

Cains (Heswall)

Wirral Uniform Centre (Birkenhead Market)


  • Black with the school badge


  • Plain, white, long-sleeved (short-sleeved acceptable in summer), button-to collar, suitable to be worn with a tie. Top button should be fastened at all times.
  • No fitted or patterned shirts


  • House tie, worn with the knot in line with the shirt collar.


  • Optional. If worn, must be black V-neck with school badge only


  • Plain black, knee-length, pleated type
  • No stretch fabric / lycra skirts


  • Black, traditional, plain trousers with a crease
  • No jeans/tracksuit pants


  • Black, sensible, low-heeled shoes
  • No trainers or boots, no stripes or patches of colours other than black, no logos


  • Plain black, no bows or lace. No over the knee socks.


  • Plain black


  • No more than one small, plain stud in each ear lobe for those with pierced ears. No other piercings permitted on any part of the body.
  • No other jewellery permitted, including piercings


  • Sensible, plain coat
  • No denim or leather
  • To be worn outside only, not inside the school building

PE kit

  • Full PE kit to be bought to school for lessons – no ‘own clothes’ permitted

Other non-permitted items:

  • Pinafore dresses
  • Hooded tops (with the exception of those with the school logo for PE only)
  • Nail varnish/false nails, shellac
  • Make-up/false tan
  • Brightly-coloured hair dyes or extreme hair styles

We would request that students do not use aerosols or perfume sprays in school.  

Please see PE kit below. Where there is more than one option available in a particular area please choose a preferred item. There is a list of optional kit at the bottom, the main item recommended from this list is a base layer top as an extra layer to keep warm in cold weather. 
Items with a * are essential. Items with a ** recommended :




Top: T-Shirt*

  • Neston white round neck T-shirt: school badge and students name embroidered
  • Neston Green polo shirt: school badge and students name embroidered


Bottoms: Short*

  • Neston black shorts: school badge and students name embroidered
  • Neston black shorts
  • Neston black skort (skirt/shorts in one)

*Preferred option with badge and students name embroidered

Outdoor Bottoms: Long**

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black Tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black sports leggings
  • Neston High School sports leggings

Top: Long Sleeve*

  • Plain black hoody or sweatshirt: school badge and students name embroidered
  • Neston High School reversible rugby top
  • Plain black hoody or sweatshirt: school badge and students name embroidered


  • Green football socks
  • Green football socks
  • White sports socks


  • Sports trainers

Swimming *

  • Swimming trunks/Shorts & towel
  • Swimming costume & towel

Optional extras

  • Black long sleeve base layer: to wear under t-shirt in cold weather**
  • Football boots (non-metal)
  • Astroturf trainers
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield