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Talbot House



Talbot is the family name of the Earls of Shrewsbury who were the landowners of Neston in medieval times.

Talbot’s motto was coined by student Lily Compton, in 2011. It reflects the key values of teamwork and striving for excellence in all that is undertaken as a House. Talbot students are encouraged to uphold these values as they move through their school career and on into their future lives, both personal and professional.

Talbot House is a collaborative community, built on respect, in which House members strive to equip each individual student with the skills to maximise their true potential. The extensive support network of tutors, learning support, PLM and Head of House creates an environment in which students feel happy, secure and ready to learn.

Opportunities for our students to flourish are constantly promoted, whether this involves competing in House sport contests, engaging in the array of eXL activities, or taking on the challenge of one of many student leadership roles. Alongside dedicated pastoral care and guidance, students' academic progress is also closely monitored.

Mentoring of individual students aims to overcome barriers to learning so that students are able to achieve and exceed targets in their subject areas. Success in academic, pastoral or extra-curricular contexts is always a cause for celebration by the House. Talbot endeavours to develop students into well-rounded and well-informed individuals, confident to take on the challenges of the future and to excel in their chosen paths.

Tutors are responsible for the day-to-day welfare and support of students in their tutor groups. They have an overview of their students’ record of rewards and sanctions; celebrating achievement and success within their groups and intervening where appropriate to secure improved patterns of behaviour. Tutors are also responsible for monitoring the academic progress of students in their groups in relation to estimated levels, grades and aspirational targets. This feeds into our House Mentoring Programme, which enables each student to have individualised and focused input from their tutor regarding their progress and achievement.

Our four Learning Support Assistants help our students in a variety of ways. Each LSA has a scheduled “check-in” meeting with a different student each morning of the week, supporting them with issues such as organisation, approach to work and anxiety. They also support our students with their learning in their Personal Development lessons with tutors.

Talbot Leaders oversee and co-ordinate all other student leaders within the house. They also have a responsibility for fundraising for our House Charity, St John's Hospice. They act as representatives and role models for Talbot and are selected from our Year 11 tutor groups.

Sports Leaders from Year 10 and Year 8 liaise with other tutor groups to organise sports teams for our inter-house sporting competitions. They also encourage participation in our eXL sporting activities.

Peer Mentors are selected from Year 10, and are involved in the emotional support of younger students who are experiencing anxiety or distress. They receive comprehensive training on how to handle such sensitive situations.

Year 7 students can apply to act as e-buddies, a pivotal role which involves them in ensuring the transition of Year 6 students from our feeder primaries is a smooth and successful one. They take part in visits to primary schools and in reassuring younger students about the daunting prospect of starting secondary school.

Each tutor group also has a representative on the school council. The council members enable the student voice to be heard, and action to be taken for the benefit of all students.