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Summers House




Summers House is named after the Summers family who were local landowners and at one time owned the Shotton Steel Works. John Summers was a successful entrepreneur during the nineteenth century, starting his business after being inspired by visiting the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. He and his sons built up the business to see it become one of the country’s largest and most successful steel manufacturers. John Summers is a great example of how an idea can be realised through hard work and dedication.

The house motto came from an idea inspired by Edward Williams (Year 11) in 2011. It reflects the Summers House ethos perfectly. The Summers House ethos is one that encourages its students to believe in themselves and in their potential, and to challenge themselves to achieve their goals. The House staff take pride in providing the high quality support and guidance that students need in order to fulfill their potential at Neston High

School. All students are encouraged to work together as proud members of the Summers House team.

Tutors are responsible for the day-to-day welfare and support of students in their tutor groups. They have an overview of their students’ record of rewards and sanctions, celebrating achievement and success within their groups and intervening where appropriate to secure improved patterns of behaviour. Tutors are also responsible for monitoring the academic progress of students in their groups in relation to estimated levels, grades and aspirational targets. This supports the house mentoring programme, which enables each student to have individualised and focused input from their tutor regarding their progress and achievement. Tutors play a pivotal role in students’ time in Summers House, and tutors will remain with their tutor groups as they move up through each school year.

Our team of Learning Support Assistants help and guide our students in a number of ways. Each LSA supports students with their learning in Personal Development lessons with tutors, as well as meeting regularly with individuals and small groups of students to offer additional support. This can range from helping students resolve friendship or emotional issues, supporting students with homework and coursework demands, helping with organisational issues and easing anxieties and concerns. The experienced team in Summers House provide students with an invaluable support network which is highly valued.

House Leaders act as representatives and role models for all students in the House, and are selected from Year 11 tutor groups. They set a standard of excellent conduct and behaviour for others to follow, and assist with a variety of House events, such as helping co-ordinate charity events. House Leaders also provide support for any younger students who may need it. Sports Leaders from Year 8 and Year 10 liaise with tutor groups across the House to organise sports teams for school inter-house and sporting competitions.

Peer Mentors are students selected from Year 10 and are involved in the emotional support of younger students who are experiencing anxiety or distress, or just need some extra support.  Peer Mentors take part in a training programme to help them provide this important support, and are guided in dealing with sensitive situations.

Year 7 students can apply to act as e-buddies, a key role which involves them in ensuring the transition of Year 6 students from our feeder primaries is a smooth and successful one. They take part in visits to primary schools, act as a helping hand on Induction Day, and play a vital role in reassuring younger students about the sometimes daunting prospect of starting secondary school.

Each tutor group has a representative on the school council. Council members enable the student voice to be heard, and action to be taken for the benefit of all students.

In Summers House there is a  proud tradition of providing excellent pastoral care and support for all students and the House Leaders endeavour to provide a safe, inclusive, challenging and supportive environment in which all students can thrive and in which they feel valued. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve their potential, and offer them all the support and guidance they may need in order to do this.

We work closely with families to adopt an inclusive approach to our pastoral care, and value the support we receive from parents and carers extremely highly. Working in partnership, we really can ensure our students have every opportunity to be the best that they can be.

We expect high standards of our students in Summers House, encouraging them all to play their part in school life in a positive, respectful and responsible way. Our team of experienced tutors, Learning Support Assistants and our Progress & Learning Mentor all work together with the Head of House to ensure that students are given all the support and encouragement they need to achieve their potential. We pride ourselves on supporting students to become responsible, well-rounded young people who are proud to be part of the Summers House team.