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What is Spellzone? 

Spellzone is an online English spelling resource used by students aged seven to adult. It unlocks the mystery of English spelling and is adaptable for all abilities including students learning English as a foreign language and those with dyslexia. Spellzone is fully accessible with many options for font, text and background colour, text size and a text to speech facility. 

Who can use it?

All students in Neston High School Y7- Y11 will have access to this online spelling program and will be set subject- specific vocabulary to learn by their teachers in the English Department. Students will be given their usernames and passwords by their class teachers. This will enable them to access the program any time to complete fortnightly homework.

How do you access it?

Spellzone can be accessed using the following link:

Or by searching for ‘Spellzone,’ using a search engine.

Spellzone can be completed online using a desktop computer; laptop; tablet or mobile phone. Headphones are a useful, but not essential, tool to allow students to access the audio facility.

For students that don’t have access at home, the computers in the school library are available for this purpose.

How will Spellzone support my learning?

Spellzone will enable students to make progress in terms of developing vocabulary, reading and spelling using a multi-sensory approach. Spellzone offers a comprehensive vocabulary list and has the function to test students’ spelling ability, creating a personalized learning pathway.

There are thousands of spelling lists available on Spellzone with the capacity for teachers to create their own lists tailored to their students’ needs. All word lists, including those created by class teachers can be translated into 92 languages which is useful for ESL learners.

English teaching staff at Neston have also adaptable existing spelling lists and created our own to support students in their journey to mastering key terms in their Scheme of Work. Staff have identified key terms and vocabulary which link directly into what exams boards expect for students to perform effectively in external examinations and assessments at key Stage Three, Four and beyond.

Spellzone also offers the following features:

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check - one of the best ways to learn spellings.
  • Listen and Spell - test learning using audio.
  • Spelling games - a fun way to reinforce learning.
  • Printable worksheets - for off-line activities and study