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Overton House



Overton House was named after Colonel Overton who was the first Chair of the School Governors.

Overton House is a community where all students are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the House and the school. It recognises the wide variety of skills and attributes of the students we have, and we strive to embrace these in particular events and projects throughout the year and in day to day House life. Examples of this include helping to organise an event to raise funds for the House charity; representing a tutor group at the School Council; getting involved in school visits and exchanges and volunteering to represent the House in the many inter-house sporting competitions that run during the year.

The House has high expectations of its students and supports them academically and pastorally to thrive in Overton House. The Overton staff are dedicated to guiding each individual to help them make good progress and sensible choices that enable them to leave school well prepared for the next stage in their lives. 

The Overton House tutor team are involved in monitoring both the welfare and academic progress of the students in their tutor group. They have an overview of attendance, achievement, rewards and sanctions for students and are a daily point of contact for all students.

Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team work with our students to help them to engage positively and fully with school activities. They provide invaluable support, guidance and mentoring to many students. They also play a vital role in helping new students settle into school life.

Overton House Charity

Overton House supports two children through the World Vision Programme. This is an ongoing commitment which has provided links with children from Milawi and Bangladesh for over 10 years. Funds are raised through contributions made as part of non-uniform days and other charity events. All contributions are welcome and The House always try to send cards and gifts at Christmas and birthdays.

House Leaders

  • Each year two Year 11 students are selected as house leaders. They act as role models for all students in the house, they help to coordinate charity events, represent the school at various events during the year and coordinate other student leader groups in the house.
  • Sports Leaders are selected in year 8 and 10 to help with team selection and organisation in the many inter house sporting events throughout the year. They also help encourage Overton students to participate in eXL sports clubs.
  • Peer mentors are selected and trained in year 9. Their role is to help and support younger members of the school community settling into school and act as a point of contact for those who are experiencing difficulties in school life.
  • E-buddies are year 7 students who help to ensure a smooth transition to students in year 6 as they join the school. They aim to inform and reassure younger students as they make the move to the high school.