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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an online platform that incorporates resource banks, interactive learning and a range of other educational tools. Teams is available for all students at Neston High School.

Teachers are constantly populating this platform with new suitable resources and assignments.

Below are some videos to help you get started, and right at the bottom is a PDF guide with further information. Please make sure you read this document as well as watching the videos.

Please also see the PDF guide at the bottom on using Teams/Office on an Games Console (XBox, PlayStation etc)

Setting up Teams on a Windows device




Setting up Teams on an iPad (or similar device)




Completing Assignments (on a Windows device)




Completing Assignments (on an iPad or similar device)




Moving your 'old' school documents into your OneDrive




N.B. You DO NOT need to be connected to the 'Remote Access' system to use Microsoft Teams. Please install/use Microsoft Teams on your device, directly.