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Local LMI 2021

Labour Market Information for students, carers and staff

When someone receives good labour market information (LMI) that leads to a good decision, it benefits the individual, the employer and the economy.

LMI can help people identify the skills they might require in the future. Even within familiar occupations, job tasks and job titles change and develop as products and technology change and develop. For example, e-commerce has changed the way businesses operate, and subsequently the way that administration and finance workers operate.

People need to be aware of how easy or hard it will be to get into their chosen career. They also benefit from accurate LMI about pay levels, job security and local prospects which they need to consider if they are to make realistic and informed career decisions. LMI can help people broaden their aspirations to include similar occupational areas in the event that their first choice not possible or not available in their area.

It’s important for people to recognise the discrepancy between unrealistic aspirations and the likely outcomes. LMI can be used to set out the realities of the job market and allow people to avoid wasting time in areas where they are unlikely to be successful.
Please read through the attached document from the National Careers Service, which details LMI in the local region and around the UK. 


There are many career websites available that contain LMI, here are a selection:

Cheshire and Warrington LMI


Students and parents can explore Cheshire and Warrington’s Start webpages to find out about local employers, careers and study routes.

Cheshire and Warrington LEP Opportunities website

This portal is a pilot until 31st March 2021. It is updated with live jobs in the region every 30 minutes. Everyone can use the site to find out about jobs in local growth sectors and how to retrain or upskill.

National LMI


A good website for young people and their family to explore. Take the Buzz Quiz, find out about a huge variety of jobs and watch inspirational career story videos.

First Careers

This website is great for younger students to explore how their favourite subjects can lead to a range of careers and discover work experience opportunities with well-known employers.


All students can browse one of the most comprehensive lists of job profiles giving information about the role, qualifications, salary and the skills required. There are also tips for gaining work experience in each career.


This is more than just a universities website. Young people and their families can find out about different careers, apprenticeships, going to college as well as university.