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House System

"The effectiveness of the school’s care, guidance and support for students is outstanding. Overwhelmingly, students report being happy at school and parents express high levels of satisfaction with the school’s work."


The house system provides a base for students in Years 7 – 11.  Each house has a team of ten tutors. Normally, tutors stay with their groups until they reach the end of Year 11 and so develop a strong relationship, which supports students throughout their time in school. The house encourages students to take a pride in their appearance and in belonging not only to the school but the house. Each house has their own tie which forms part of the strong identity and sense of community within the school.

There are five houses in school:

Grenfell named after Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a missionary doctor from Parkgate who worked in Canada with the House motto being

“Grenfell Get Going.”

Stewart named after Mike Stewart who was a young Science teacher at Neston High School who died suddenly. The House is named after him as a mark of respect. Stewart’s motto is

"Striving Towards Excellence with Achievements Rewards and Togetherness."

Talbot is the family name of the Earl of Shrewsbury, who were landowners in Neston in medieval times and their motto is

"Together Achieving Levels Beyond Our Targets."

Summers house is named after local landowners who at one time owned Shotton Steel Works and their house motto is

"First believe it, and then achieve it."

Overton is named after the first Chair of Governors, Colonel Overton and the house motto is

"Together Everyone Achieves More."


The school is well known for the way in which the house system supports students and it is a tradition for families to belong to the same house in future years. House loyalty is strong and inter-house competitions are key features throughout the year in terms of attendance, progress, rewards and achievements in many other areas including sport, science, dance and drama. Each house raises money to support a specific charity in addition to their contribution to whole school fundraising and charity events. It is through such opportunities in our house system that a strong sense of identity, shared responsibility and respect is engendered. Every member of the house is an integral part of the community at Neston High School.

From 2019 the school has updated the Head of House role to become Head of Year. The Head of Year is responsible for progress, achievement, attendance, punctuality, behaviour, discipline, rewards and sanctions. The school has excellent pastoral care, with six Pastoral Learning Mentors  responsible for supporting students on a day to day basis, working with parents, mentoring students to remove any barriers to learning and to assist in the raising of standards and achievements through raising students’ self esteem, expectations and aspirations. The Pastoral Learning mentors are a key point of contact for parents throughout the day for any queries or issues which they will help to resolve.

"Neston High School has some outstanding features, particularly in the excellent quality of the partnerships it has forged with parents and other partners."