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Grenfell House



Grenfell House was named after Sir Wilfred Grenfell who was a doctor and Medical Missionary. Originally from Parkgate, Sir Wilfred spent much of his working life in Labrador where he spent his boundless energy, along with all of the money he could gather together, to build homes, hospitals and the society as a whole. The people of Labrador will forever be indebted to Sir Wilfred and the way he lived his life.

The house motto serves to remind students of the importance of always giving their best and becoming fully involved in all aspects of life. Although it is a brief motto its implications are boundless. Grenfell House Leaders believe this motto will stay with students for the rest of their lives; always encouraging them to give more of themselves and to live their lives the ‘Grenfell’ way.

Grenfell’s Learning Support Team works with assigned groups of students, as well as specific individuals in order provide support and guidance and, where appropriate, offer mentoring and intervention in order to overcome a variety of social and academic difficulties.

As is befitting of our House Motto, Grenfell House staff encourage students to take an active role in becoming a student leader. From the two Year 11 House Leaders, to the many e-buddies in Year 7 and the wide variety of leaders in-between, all students are given the opportunity to ‘Get Going’ and lead by example. Our student leaders have a high profile within the House and their support and efforts are greatly appreciated. This year, student leaders are being rewarded with celebratory lunches, as well as issuing them with formal certificates in recognition of their work

In Grenfell, the House Staff are extremely proud of their reputation as a House which really does ‘Get Going’. Grenfell House was the first house ever to have all of its Y7 students attend the Conway residential trip and its ongoing commitment to all aspects of school life, from Drama productions to sporting events, is one which they take great satisfaction in.

Grenfell House firmly believes that Sir Wilfred Grenfell would be proud of the House which is named and nurtured in his honour.