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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The school provides a vast array of opportunities  for students to learn both in and outside the classroom in numerous ways including: working in the school grounds, international links and visits, our eXL (extra learning) programme, enrichment week and via fundraising activities held during the year.

Our eXL programme takes place from 3-4pm each day.

Students are able to choose from a varied programme  of  activities  ranging  from  sport,  music, dance and drama to extra support for curriculum  based subjects, homework and coursework, John Muir Award  and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The school has national recognition for Learning Outside the Classroom Award, as well as being chosen by HMI as an example of excellence for our work. “It is (Neston’s) vision, commitment  and tireless efforts to find new and creative ways to inspire their  pupils  that  will  ensure  the  next  generation  of young people will be brighter, happier young adults with greater aspirations and a better  understanding of the world around them.” Ofsted Good Practice report.

Activities are also held at lunch time and include activities such as, Samba Band, Pop Choir, Only 7s Aloud, Junior Band, Senior Band, Fortissimo Strings, Saxophone Ensemble, Guitar Club, Art, Seekers (R.E.), Drama, Homework Club, ICT, Science Club (called STEM) and Board Games.

International Links

The school holds an advanced International  Schools Award. As well  as curriculum  based work,  the school organises exchanges with schools in France,  Germany and South Africa as well as educational visits to Paris, Berlin, Madrid, CERN, skiing in the USA, the Battlefields and Italy. The school collaborates with partner schools in France, Germany, South Africa and China.

Enrichment Week

Our annual Enrichment Week sees students undertaking a wide range of activities, trips and courses. Year 7 students have the opportunity to undertake a camping experience, Year 10 students go on a block work experience placement, whilst Years 8 and 9 take part in International Day, sports challenges, visits to Chester Zoo and Alton Towers as well as two day courses ranging from Samba drumming, tennis, football to mountain biking, bushcraft and working with the Rangers. Among popular new additions to this spectacular week is a trip to EuroDisney (with a Maths focus) and a trip to the Bay of Naples (with a Geography focus).


When visits are arranged parents are invited to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost. The school operates Tucasi, which allows parents to make payments for trips/visits  through a secure internet site ( There is a link from the school website.  Each parent will receive a unique password and access codes to enable them to use this facility.


We organise  instrumental   tuition  in  partnership  with ‘Music for Life’. Lessons are organised for most musical instruments including singing. Students are encouraged to take the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and we are a designated RSM exams centre.