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Attendance, punctuality and absence.

The school expects excellent attendance and punctuality as a prerequisite for successful and engaged students. It is important that your child does not miss lessons and fall behind. Electronic registers are taken each lesson in addition to tutor time, and lateness without good reason will be challenged and a detention for twenty minutes at lunch time will be issued.

There is a proven correlation between high attendance and achievement of academic targets. The school expects students to aim for 100% attendance and full attendance is recognised with certificates and badges, and rewarded with special raffle prizes.

If your child is ill, we require you to phone school on each day of the absence. If we do not receive a message regarding your child’s absence, we will contact home. On your child’s return, we must have a note explaining the cause of the absence. When your child is absent, please encourage them to keep up with any work they may have missed. For a prolonged absence due to illness your child’s Head of Year will collate work from each department ready for you to collect from reception.

School is unable to authorise holidays during school terms and fixed penalty notices will be issued when unauthorised holidays are taken. Parents and carers must write directly to the Headteacher for a request to be considered at least one month prior to the absence. Requests will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

The school will make contact with you if we have concerns about your child’s attendance falling, and will work closely with you to ensure that this improves.