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SSYP Newsletter – Edition 4

I hope you are all keeping well. Here is the 4th Edition of our Newsletter as promised. Safer Schools and Young People Partnership have put together a newsletter containing some information about gaming online safely for you to send out to parents/carers.

Online gaming is hugely popular with children and young people. Annual research conducted by OFCOM shows that gaming is still one of the top activities enjoyed by 5-16 year olds online, with many of them gaming via mobile devices and going online using their games console.

From sport related games, to mission based games they cater for a wide range of interests. Most games now have an online element to them; allowing users to take part in leader boards, join group games, or chat to others. Internet connectivity in a game adds a new opportunity for gamers as it allows players to find and play against, or with, other players. These may be their friends or family members or even other users in the game from around the world (in a multiplayer game).

Online safety advice is directly applicable in the gaming environment as risks can be present in the game’s content and chat features. Young people can also pose a risk to themselves through the choices they make whilst playing an online game.

How often are young people gaming?

OFCOM reported on young people aged 5-15s use of online gaming within the recent Media Use and Attitudes report. The findings showed:

· The estimated weekly hours spent gaming will increase with age, ranging from just over 6 hours for 3-4s to nearly 14 hours for 12-15s

· Children aged 12-15 spend on average 1.5 hours more gaming each week in 2018 than they did in 2017

· More boys play online games than girls in all age brackets, with the difference by gender increasing with age, e.g. girls aged 12-15 spend around 9 hours per week (9 hours 18 minutes) whilst boys of the same age spend nearly 17 hours (16 hours 42 minutes).

· Gaming can have a strong social element; close to two in five online gamers aged 8-11s (38%) and three in five aged 12-15s (58%) say they use online chat features within the game to talk to others.

· Children are more than twice as likely to chat through the game to people they already know outside the game (34% 8-11s, 53% 12-15s) than they are to chat to people they know only through playing the game (10% 8-11s, 25% 12-15s).

· Boys aged 12-15 who play online games are also twice as likely as girls to say they chat to people they only know through a game (30% vs. 16%).

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See below for some useful links…

To find out more about PEGI age ratings click on the link to see if you want to allow your children to play the game they have chosen…

Information if your young person uses a PlayStation

For Xbox Support click here:

For Nintendo support use this link

Roblox Safety Features …

Our tips for gaming safely online…

1 Do not give out your personal details

2 Make yourself familiar with the security settings

3 Make sure you consult the PEGI guidelines prior to buying your children games

4 Be aware of what the Parental Controls can do

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