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Film Club Reviewer Award

Congratulations to Charlie Douglas who has won the Into Film Review of the Week for the second time this year.

Charlie Douglas in year 11 has won Into Film Review of the Week for the second time this year. His success came after writing about Ready Player One  on our Into Film site. Charlie will receive a certificate and film prize later this month from Into Film.

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Spielberg At His Best!

  • Charlie, 16
  • 4 reviews

Ready player one is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg based on the book written by Ernest Cline. It’s about a virtual online world that allows the population to escape from reality, through a VR based game called ‘The Oasis’. The creator (played by Mark Rylands) has died, but not without leaving an Easter egg inside his game, whoever finds the Easter egg will become the soul proprietor of the Oasis, and now everyone’s looking for it.

I was really enthralled with this movie, not only because of the nostalgia throwbacks, which play a HUGE part throughout the movie, not like most movies at the moment which include them to satisfy the audience and give off a “Hey remember when this was a thing, here it is again, go waste you’re weekend watching movies that used to be good”. In this film though they are there for a reason, they play a key part in the storytelling aspect of the picture, a mechanic for the film, not just a throwback. The music alone is enough for grown adults to sing along to, the de-ja-vu feeling of Hall and Oats or A-ha bringing back the 1980’s child in all of us, really brings to life Spielberg’s vision of the movie, whilst also illustrating himself through the creator of the Oasis. Now although this movie has no abundance of throwbacks, a proper celebration of the past, it also is a celebration of the future, possibly one to come? Ever since the online world became a thing, people have been hiding their identities, giving them the opportunity to be someone, or something different, so it’s quite possible that a game of this kind could be out there in the next few years.

The reason this movie also hits all the right notes is also the villain. Ben Mendelsohn is just great at playing a corporate villain, he did it amazingly in Rogue One two years ago, and has done it again. His character in this movie juxtaposes the protagonist so well, his character and his company don’t play games they’re in it for the money and the power, all the wrong reasons. Whereas the kids who play the game, to escape and enjoy it, giving off a real ‘stick it to the man’ message, which is what the creator intended.

One of my only issues is that when they’re in the game world it’s great, bright lights, amazing CGI and SFX, just a general awesomeness that only Spielberg could pull off in this way, but then we go back the real world, and you’re just left thinking “Can we get back into the game world where it’s interesting and fun?”

The SFX are much like of what we saw in 2009’s Avatar. The general feel and view of it has so many similarities. The general escape to another reality through technology into a fantasy world of colour, and imagination really shines through

Storytelling wise, it does work in a way that I wouldn't normally expect. The game world is supposed to be more interesting than the actual world in this movie, if they were on par with each other or if reality was more exciting than the Oasis you’d be like “Well why do people escape to this video game world, what is the point?” The fact that the video game world is so much more interesting than the real world, you get it, it’s easy to comprehend, you don’t need the plot to tell you why you can see it.

At the end of the day this movie hit me, I didn’t like it I loved it, it’s a fantastic Spielberg adventure movie that brings him back to making movies that bring out the inner child in all of us. An amazing adventure that appeals to kids and appeals to adults, the reason people love Spielberg in the first place.