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Mash Up Writing Competition

Neston High School’s incredible creative writers have been recognised this week through the Creative Writing Mash-Up competition.

Students entering the competition were asked to bring an element or multiple elements from a book they have read into their own original piece of creative writing. Entries could be in any form and at any length.

Miss Pearson and Miss Kirwan had the difficult task of narrowing down the entries to just two winners. Miss Pearson said ‘we have admiration for all of our students who entered as the entries demonstrated sophistication, creativity and skill.’ Miss Kirwan said ‘I was overwhelmed with the responses- they were mature and beautifully crafted.’

The winner from Key Stage Three is Amy Lunt and the winner from Key Stage Four is Holly Jennings. The judges felt that these particular entries really captured the heart of the competition and demonstrated considerable skill. The entries can be found below.

On 17th January 2018 the winners met with Mr Dool and Mrs Hudson to receive their trophies and prizes. Holly and Amy spoke about their inspiration for the entries and their creative writing journeys so far. Mr Dool was so impressed with effort our winners had made that they were awarded the rare ‘Head teacher’s Merit badges’.

 Our winners received their impressive golden eagle trophies as well as book tokens and a free creative writing workshop with author Jon Mayhew.

Our wonderful students also worked with Deputy Head of English, Miss Kirwan to make their entries ready for publishing after school.

The Creative writing competition will be back in November 2018 and is open to all students.