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Gail Emms MBE and GB Badminton Olympian delivers inspiring workshop for PE teachers at Neston.

As the lead school for the North West Sport England initiative, we were delighted to welcome Gail Emms to work with us this week. 

GB Badminton Olympian, Gail delivered an inspiring workshop for PE teachers from all over the North West, sharing new coaching methods and supporting PE teachers to maximise their GCSE and A level PE grades

Gail delivered a programme tailored to improving students GCSE and A Level PE Badminton grades. The staff took part in the practical workshop and were privileged to be able to watch Gail demonstrate and reinforce the key coaching points of each shot.  Not only did the staff go away with new technical knowledge and drills to teach correct technique, they were also incredibly inspired to hear from Gail how to motivate their young students in this sport, by making it a fun and challenging activity to take part in. 

Assistant Headteacher at Neston High School, Mrs Hayley Waites who has previously led PE departments and represented Great Britain at Gymnastics, is the Sport England project lead for the North West region, working alongside Nic Walker from Loreto Grammar School in Manchester.   The project is commencing over 18 months and is aimed at raising levels of engagement in physical activity and promoting a positive outlook on mental health and wellbeing through sport for all young people. Neston will host events for PE staff from all over the Northwest to develop their knowledge and skills in several sports, including gaining qualifications in more modern activities to help promote student engagement.  Selected students from each school will also attend the sports leadership events and will become sports ambassadors within their own school to help promote the project.  After the complexities of this last year, Neston couldn't be prouder to be able to offer these fantastic opportunities to re-engage our young people back into sport and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.