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Book Club Skype with Kerry Drewery

On Friday 9th February, Neston High School’s book club had the chance to skype with author Kerry Drewery. As part of the Cheshire School’s 2018 Book Award students have been reading Kerry Drewery’s Cell 7.

Students had the chance to each ask the author questions about her work, inspirations and favourite books. The group learnt that Kerry was inspired by watching the coverage of Oscar Pistorius’ trial and the death row system of America. A discussion around the idea of capital punishment and if the events of Cell 7 could be realistic in a future UK followed, which also led to the question of who could be trusted with the decision to end a life. ‘An Eye for An Eye’ was considered by the group to be all too realistic and they discussed with the author the unequal society of Cell 7.

A key topic of interest for the group was also Kerry’s life as a writer. They had an online tour of the author’s work space and discussed motivation when writer’s block is looming. Online writing competitions and just getting stuck in were two of Kerry’s favourite ways to motivate herself to write.

Should she live or should she die? You decide.

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Copies of Cell 7 are available in the library. If you would like to get involved in the Cheshire School’s Book Award or Book Club please speak to Miss Pearson in the library.