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PPE in Production for Healthcare Workers and the NHS

Our fantastic staff have gone into full production of PPE visors this week. Miss Wilson, Mr Storey, Miss Griffiths & Mr Cooper set up the DT workshop this week with Mrs Woolley, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Kendrick on the assembly line. Protective visors will be distributed to local hospitals and local healthcare providers including nursing homes. Many of our parents have asked us to support local healthcare providers which we have been so pleased to be able to do.

Here is an up to date tally of where they have been distributed. The figures so far:

50- Arrowe Park Radiography Team 
20- Spital Surgery 
50-Sutton Beeches
50- Complete Care
50 to be distributed to Arrowe Park Hospital complete with novelty ears- Rabbits, Unicorns and Mickey Mouse (they are for the Children's Ward at a consultants request)! 
50 to be distributed to Bupa Car Home,Upton (Wirral)