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Year 10 trip to The Lakes.

Year 10 investigatre rivers on a trip to The Lakes.

This year, Year 10 Geography students embarked on a two day fieldtrip to the Lake District. The purpose of this educational visit was to develop fieldwork techniques required to answer paper 2 in their GCSE exam. The aim of this fieldwork was to complete a rivers investigation looking at changes to the river channel from source to mouth and to investigate the rural challenges in the Lake District National Park.

During day one, the students focussed on the changes in channel characteristics from source to mouth across three sites at Easedale Beck. They used a variety of equipment to measure changes in channel depth, velocity and sediment size at three sites along the river. Students recorded this information and analysed this data during the evening sessions at the YHA centre in Hawkshead. During the afternoon the students conducted environmental quality surveys, bi polar analysis and questionnaires in Grasmere. The purpose of this was to examine whether there are pressures from tourists on the local towns and villages in the Lake District, and whether these were creating rural challenges and conflict.