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Anne Frank: A History for Today exhibition.

The Humanities department are pleased to announce that the Anne Frank Trust will be in school between the 27th of January and the 6th of February delivering their Anne Frank: A History for Today exhibition. Year 9 students will be trained to lead workshops to their peers, a fantastic opportunity for those with an interest in Holocaust studies.
By placing the complex historical events of the Holocaust against the backdrop of the life of one inspirational young person, the exhibition claims to enable visitors to grasp the human consequences of persecution and war. It covers themes such as: Anne Frank’s diary and the history of the Frank family, the introduction of the Nazi racist state and the victims and appalling consequences of the Holocaust.
We aim to give all Key Stage 3 students the opportunity to visit the exhibition as they will be studying the Holocaust in their History lessons. We believe the exhibition and workshops will compliment their studies and provide a human perspective to the curriculum.