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Growth Mindset Parents Workshop

On Tuesday 12 November Miss Robinson (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs McDonald (Head of Religious Studies) ran a 2-hour workshop for parents from Year 7 and Year 8 about Growth Mindset.
The session provided parents with an opportunity to find out the theory behind the importance of developing a Growth Mindset both in ourselves as adults and looking at how parents can support their children in developing this too. In particular we looked at language and how parents can use particular language to encourage a Growth Mindset and encourage their children to be successful in whatever they do. Parents were also given an opportunity to test their own mindset with some origami tasks which produced a wide range of results! During this session we also focused on ‘Stretch, Challenge and Resilience’ in order to look at how the brain works and what strategies are most effective in supporting our pupils, for example metacognition. 
Parent comments on the session included:
‘None of it was about grades or results; all about preparing children for adult life; very encouraging and a great focus’
‘It was excellent! Very enjoyable and informative. Was nice to hear about what teachers are telling students.’
When we asked parents if they would implement ideas at home there was a very positive response:
‘Yes, the way I talk to and support the children when they are having problems and struggling’
‘Yes, giving constructive feedback and not just compliment everything’
‘Yes, encourage her to be more positive and not give up so easily’
‘Yes, how to help them when they are struggling with homework’
‘Letting the children know specifically what you are impressed with and give support to redraft’
This was a very positive and enjoyable session and we are grateful for all the parents who attended and engaged so effectively.