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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Champions 

The calibre of spelling talent at Neston High School must be extraordinary if this week’s year 7 spelling bee is anything to go by.
Year 7 students had already competed in spelling bee competitions within their English lessons across the school before our final. Then the top three spellers from the classroom heats lined up outside the library on Wednesday 6th November to represent their classes in the final. The spelling class champions were welcomed into a transformed library by previous year’s winners who were judging the proceedings as well as Mr Meehan, host and Miss Pearson, organiser. 
Our teams were all invited to begin the competition at the front. The first round challenged students to unscramble science anagrams. After lots of quick thinking and paddles shown to the judges we moved through the anagrams. In the second round our teams were asked to the front for subject word spellings. We moved then into the more intense double points round. For the first time our students had to spell alone at the front to try and earn double points for their subject spellings.
After an incredible display of spelling talent three groups remained in the final. Each student in each group had to solo spell before groups were told their results. In first place was 7y1. Certificates were handed out before the individual final began.
The champion class now had to go head to head for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Anna Abbott, Lucy Atkinson and Imogen Owen (all incredible spellers) headed to the front to begin the final. After many rounds of excellence Imogen placed 3rd, Lucy placed 2nd and Anna Abbott was crowned spelling bee champion 2019.
Miss Pearson said ‘Today has showcased the incredible spelling talent we have here at Neston High School. I would like to say congratulations to Anna, Lucy and Imogen for wonderful effort and determination. A huge well done must go to all of our competitors today for the standard of spelling was very impressive. I would also like to say thank you to our previous winners and Mr Meehan for hosting today’s event.’