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Book Tasting

In library lessons this term we have been hosting book tastings. In the tasting students have been sampling new books and genres with their class.  Each tasting menu has been specially selected by our librarian for students to enjoy. Classes across key stage three have been enjoying exploring new titles with their peers.

In the tastings classes enter a transformed library fit with table cloths, LED candles and books to taste. Students are led to their tables for the tasting to begin and rotate around the room to sample all of the tasters. Students only have 2 minutes with each book so need to explore the titles quickly. With each books students discuss their reflections of the cover, blurb and lasting impressions and complete tasting reviews. Top scoring book reviews are posted on our specials boards and at the end of the tasting students can read their class favourites. Of course, students then have the opportunity to take out new books from the library.