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Reading Millionaires

Congratulations to our latest Reading Millionaires

At Neston High School our students are enrolled in Accelerated Reader. This system allows students to track and take quizzes on the books they are reading. With each book a student reads the system awards points and tracks the words that they have read.

The Reading Millionaires are a group of students who have all read over 1 million words on the system since September. After huge student success on Accelerated Reader we have four awards available: bronze at 1 million words; silver at 2 million words; gold at 3 million words and platinum at 4 million words. Students who attended the awards received badges, certificates and millionaires shortbread.

Mr Pearson and Miss Kirwan (Head and Deputy Head of English) said ' we are absolutely thrilled to see so many students, boys and girls, have such sustained and incredible progress. It is so wonderful to see such commitment to reading and literacy. These students are an absolute inspiration to their peers and their teachers. Congratulations.'

This term we have presented bronze award to: Isla Laird, Adam Shyaka, David Moffitt, William Rogers, Katie Carlens, Tom McCormack, Amy Bell, Libby Nielson, Alice Josting Moulder, Philip Skillforth Maull, Maddy Barnes, Jessica Gardener, Alfie Barker, Ryan Anderton, Liam Whittaker.

This term we have presented silver award to: Joe Quatermass-Stagg, Heidi Ellison, Alastair Bryce, Thomas Morgan.

This term we have presented gold award to: Lauren Thurston.