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Extraordinary times - Update 20th March

Dear Parent / Carers

Extraordinary times have once again brought out the best in our young people and staff here at Neston High School.  Year 11 and Year 13 have had the chance to celebrate and recognise their time with us and they know that we continue to be here for them in the coming weeks and months ahead.  For all other students as outlined in my communication with you yesterday, from Monday 23rd March we will remain open only for the children of key workers.  The Department for Education have now published a list of key workers and we have put in plans to welcome these young people back with us next week.

For clarity, we as a school are following the national guidelines and the following principles regarding the numbers of children that should be in schools.

  1. If at all possible children are to be kept at home in order to keep minimum numbers together in schools.
  2. If a child needs specialist support or has a parent who is a key worker then day care provision will be available to them if required – please note that this does not have to be every day and you should inform school by emailing of your required arrangements.
  3. Parents should not rely on grandparents, friends or other family members with underlying health conditions for childcare.
  4. All adults should do everything they can to ensure their children are not mixing socially whilst not in school in order to help contain the spread of the virus.  Please explain the social distancing principles to your children.

Over the next few days as we receive further national and regional guidance I will be organising my staff to best meet the needs of our students from Monday.  Not only am I morally aware of my duties to support your child but I also will be making appropriate decisions to safeguard the health and welfare of my colleagues.  Thereby, can I insist if your child or member of your family shows any signs or symptoms of the COVID19 virus or is presently self-isolating that you follow the 14-day advice. 

The forecast is that the virus potentially will peak between May and June so clearly staffing numbers in school will fluctuate as individuals are affected so we will give weekly/daily updates as appropriate to ensure we keep you fully informed of how we are continuing to operate.

As a community school we are working with other local schools to try and strategically manage staffing ratios and over time we expect further guidance from a national perspective on how we can all effectively pull together and show our true team spirit.

May I ask for your continued patience and thank you on behalf of all my colleagues to those of you who have sent in notes of thanks and respect for the way we have managed the situation.  It is amazing how much a thank you in such times can help rally the troops.

So, as I now go out on duty to wish our year 11 and 13 students all the best may I ask that you take extra care of yourself and those around us whom at this difficult time may need your support, not only with practical solutions but also emotionally.  It continues to be a privilege to be the Headteacher of Neston High School and I am sure that in time normality will return and out of these dark times the true Neston spirit will shine through.

Yours sincerely

K Simpson

For those students attending school on Monday, we are open from 8am until 3pm.  Please ensure you have organised pick up arrangements and communicate these to school if appropriate.  Students are required to be wearing full school uniform and normal rules and expectations are to be maintained.