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Year 11 and 13 Parents/Carers and Students

Dear Parents / Carers and Year 11 and 13 Students

As the national crisis unfolds, I wanted to find a moment out of the storm to take stock and reflect.  It has been without doubt unprecedented times for all and in the last 48 hours, events and actions have especially affected the world of education and our young people.

I doubt that anyone truly anticipated the fact that this week would become the final formal week at Neston High School for our years 11 and 13, and their marathon race of 5 or 7 years with us would be so abruptly halted.

Yet as a school community that has focused on the holistic education of our young people and tried to develop their character and resilience it has been with pleasure that during our assemblies yesterday and today our students have shown maturity, tenacity and true togetherness to support each other through the variety of emotional responses received.

In the assembly yesterday, I clarified:

  • The situation regarding school closure and reasons
  • The fact that no formal exams will occur in May/June and how best to prepare coursework/books etc.
  • That this is a national crisis thereby no one would be disadvantaged and the promise from our government is that all students would receive their deserved grades
  • That Year 11’s who have met the expected entry requirements will be guaranteed a place into our 6th Form.
  • We will work in close collaboration with other colleges, sixth form providers, apprenticeship organisations, to ensure that individuals are supported to start on appropriate destinations
  • That Year 13 will be fully supported by school through whatever national process is set up for entry to College/University or other alternatives such as apprenticeships.
  • That as of Monday 23rd March, Neston High School is not closed but will become a community centre for learning – thereby colleagues/trusted adults will still be available to any Year 11 and 13 students who need support, advice or a point of reference over the coming days, weeks and months.  The message is simple – every young person continues to be part of the Neston family and we wish them to stay in touch and they are not alone.
  • Any updates/information relevant to their year group will be emailed, put out through our social media feeds and on our website.

Please note this support/advise is available to you as parents/guardians so please let us know if we can help in any way.

Today is the final day for Year 11 and Year 13 and already we have tried to lift the mood and make it a day of celebration.  We have had the usual signing of shirts, provided a free community lunch and shared informal assemblies, stories and of course those photos from over the years that bring back so many memories for not only our students but the staff as well.

You are aware that your child has had the privilege of working with a team of highly dedicated professionals.  Thereby it will no surprise that the events in the last 48 hours have also upset and devastated the adults in the organisation.  From our own tracking we know that both Year 11 and Year 13 were destined for great outcomes and some exceptional individual results.  To all, it feels like none of us have been allowed our true right of passage – the chance to bring all the academic learning and the emotional strategies to fruition to let our young people shine.  While this for many of us may take time to come to terms with, we do want to celebrate and mark our journey together.  Staff are already looking ahead and are planning alternatives to Proms and at the appropriate time we will hopefully, as a school run, some form of celebration events.

Our young people still deserve the joy of picking up their results and once we have clarity on how grades will be resolved we will decipher a way to mark the outcomes of all Year 11 and 13.

I know that the values taught via the culture of Neston High School, have not only given your child strong academic traditions but more importantly have prepared them to explore the pathways ahead, follow their aspirations and dreams, discover all their talents and celebrate their uniqueness whilst showing kindness care and respect for those around them.

So, to those Year11’s who have chosen to follow your dreams by graduating into our 6th form, we are truly delighted and look forward to welcoming you back very soon.  To those whose happiness is found on a different path, then we wish you well and you go with our blessings.  But whatever direction you chose, please remember over time that “Life is all about remembering where you came from while you are still flying to your dreams” 

To each and every one of you, may your roots be ever in Neston High School and may your wings now allow you to go Explore, Dream and Discover your future.

Thank you to all the parents/carers/families, and all the staff in school who have supported these amazing young adults and contributed so much, in so many ways to continue to flourish.

Yours sincerely

K Simpson