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Art and Design option groups at GCSE and A-level

Dear Parents/Carers,

For those students who have been following a GCSE or A level course we made the decision to allow students to continue with their exam preparation in line with our normal operating practice. Students are aware that they will not do the final supervised exam time. We, as yet , do not know how we are to attribute marks or how those will be verified. What we do want to ensure is that, in line with current exam rules, we would be required to collect exam preparation folders and retain them at the centre once the supervised sessions begin.

To ensure we have gathered as much evidence as possible for any assessment decisions to be verified we would ask that all folders are returned to school on WEDNESDAY 22ND APRIL between 9.30- 11.00am. To support current social distancing advice ,staff will be outside the school entrance to collect work in order to minimise contact. Please ensure all folders have student name, subject and staff initials clearly displayed . Thank you for your support


Head of Art and Applied Design