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Literacy is a key drive at Neston High School. The school takes Literacy seriously and works hard to promote reading and writing for pleasure. Not only does the school test all students' reading ages each year, it puts into place strategies to raise reading engagement and understanding are fully embraced by the whole community. Each week, we have a 'Literacy Corner', in the school newsletter; 'word of the week' is displayed in every classroom and the Library holds a full range of Literacy based activities, such as the annual 'Spelling Bee', 'Catch your Teacher Reading', our resident author John Mayhew runs workshops with many of students - gifted writers, mixed groups with Year 6 students from partner Primaries and so on.

Literacy tutoring at Neston High School is a reader development scheme, which supports in developing an enjoyment and interest in reading, whilst fine tuning their key skills. Students attend one-to-one sessions which are tailor made for their individual needs. Students are tested for their reading age and then aim to improve this age by reading broadly, writing book reviews and revising key skills in punctuation and spelling. These sessions provide cross-curriculum support for key Stage Three students.